Merrill’s compost tea bags info

The use of all natural Poultry Compost is one of the best nutrient rich compost products available. The high levels of all the vitamins and minerals that are easily mixed into your garden are the highest of any composting materials. Here is one of the best videos covering the topic of the process of composing with Poultry manure to create a very high quality compost.

As you can see, this can be an easy process, but does require some investment of time. The rewards in a lush and healthy garden, resulting in a higher yield in your vegetable garden, better tasting fruits and vegetables, and significantly healthier plants. Having a small ‘City Chick’ micro-flock of Chickens in your yard can truly make a difference in your health. They provide excellent high quality and fresh eggs, a unlimited supply of Poultry Compost, and they are fun too! Taking your Poultry Compost and turning in to a high grade Poultry Compost Tea is also rather simple, and to prove our point, watch this second quick video.

While the making of your own ‘home grown’ versions of Poultry Compost Tea can be simple and easy, it is still time consuming. Another option if you are looking for a short cut or two, but don’t want to give up on the high quality end result would be to contact Merrill directly. They can be reached at: (208) 365-7216 or via email at:

The Merrill Poultry company has been around for over 60 years, and is based in Idaho at: 11 River Meadow Dr., Garden Valley, ID 83622-5035

They are the leading informational and high quality leader in the industry, and would be happy to get you going with some of their pre-made Compost Tea bags or supplying the Poultry Compost to start your garden off right.